Please ensure you’ve read our T&C’s before signing up to a plan   By ticking the checkbox relating to the terms and conditions when signing-up to 24ABC service, you are legally bound by these terms. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions you may not use the service.  

Description of the Services

24ABC will provide services available in the chosen plan the Client has signed up for.  


The person signing up for the website plan will automatically be assigned as the sign off person and is the only person authorised to request changes or cancel the contract. If the Client wishes to give another person this authority too, the Client will need to contact the 24ABC with their name and email address and the 24ABC will  add them to the approved list. If the Client no longer wishes for this additional person(s) to have this authority it is the Client’s responsibility to inform the 24ABC.  


The Client agrees to provide the 24ABC with a direct debit mandate and authorises the 24ABC to deduct payments of the current monthly and/or weekly session costs. In case the Client changes their mind or is not satisfied, there will be refund  of service with 40% of the remaining amount of the courses. Shall 24ABC increase the prices of the courses, the change should not affect the Client’s ready- made purchases.  

Payment Schedule

  As soon as the Client checks out on booking page, they automatically are ready to pay for a certain course. Please, make sure you read the entire description of each course, timing and conditions before you check out.  

Intellectual Property Rights


All website files hosted by 24ABC will be the property of the 24ABC. The Client will have no right to these files or the migration of these files if the contract is cancelled. Any website design or template created by the 24ABC will remain the property of the Company before, during and after the contract. In effect, the 24ABC will be leasing the website from the 24ABC. If the Client wishes to purchase the rights to a website created by the 24ABC, this will be at the discretion of the 24ABC.