English for Beginners

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Improving Beginner Skills in 24ABC

This course is designed for students who have very basic language competence. They can make simple dialogues, greet people in English, write and read. On the occasion of missing any of the following skills, must not be a problem for you to still join this session. If you have homework and need help with it, our native-speaking teachers are going to happily lead you through. 

Who is this course for?

Students who want to learn and prepare their homework for school, this course is a smart solution. However, you can choose it also when you need thorough grammar acquisition. This course can be booked separately or combined with any General English afternoon course.

In this course we:

After the Course the Student:

1. Is able to make basic dialogues in English.

2. Have improved Grammar skills.

3. Have rich vocabulary equal to academic A2 level.

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  • Course length 4 weeks
  • Lesson times up to date
  • Level A2
  • Minimum Age 5
  • Student Number 2 (max 3)
  • Days Weekly

From: 105 AMD