French for Beginners

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Improving Beginner Skills in 24ABC

Start your French language training and gain confidence for the future academic skills. 
One of the biggest adjustments for new college students is the newfound environment. College students have an increase in personal responsibility and a lot less external structure. There are no set study times. You just choose your personal pace and rhythm for completing the course. In already seven to eighth session you will note an increase in your academic workload, a greater need to multi-task and balance and a myriad of new social opportunities and challenges. The following are skills that will help you develop your further intermediate French on it.

Who is this course for?

For students who plan to study French for the first time and/or prepare their homework for school, this course is a smart solution. However, you can choose it also when you need thorough grammar acquisition. This course can be booked separately or combined with any General English afternoon course.

In this course we:

After the Course the Student:

1. Is able to make basic dialogues in French.

2. Have improved beginner skills.

3. Have rich vocabulary equal to academic A2 level.

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  • Start dates 1 June | 6 July
  • Course length 4 weeks
  • Lesson times 09:00-12:00
  • Italian level Beginners
  • Minimum Age 16
  • Lessons a week 15
  • Maximum class size 13 (max 15)
  • Lesson days Monday-Friday

From: 16,000 AMD