German Intermediate

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Prepare to meet some of the best native-speaking teachers from Germany. Each of the courses are specifically designed by our tutors who adjust the material to your level and needs. And all of these can be done in 24/7. Our team is waiting to train your for your lucky career in Germany. 

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for students who have basic German language competence. If you are planing to move to Germany or having language test, then you are very welcome to choose this session. Moreover, if you have homework and need help with it, our native-speaking teachers are going to happily lead you through.​

In this course we:

After the Course the Student:

1. Is able to make basic dialogues in German.

2. Have improved Grammar skills.

3. Have rich vocabulary equal to academic B2-C1 level.

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  • Course length 4 weeks
  • Lesson times up to date
  • Level B1-C1
  • Minimum Age 7
  • Student Number 1 (max 3)
  • Days weekly

From: 180 AMD