Why 24ABC?

About Us

The school started back in 2009 with a single one to one tutoring program. First, it spread among Asian students. We have had over 30.000 successful students from China, Vietnam, and South Korea. Since 2019 we have decided to expand 24ABC’s routes in Europe as well. Our windows are open for every language learner from junior to advanced learners.



Professional Teachers

Our team is comprised of some of certified teachers throughout the world. They meet the philological and methodological criteria to increase your linguistic abilities in your target language.


Interactive classrooms

24ABC materials are designed to help you improve as fast as possible and reach your goals, whether you need to learn English for your job, for your school, or just for yourself.


Increased Flexibility from anywhere

There are no geographical boundaries in 24ABC. You may attend classes from any location of the planet.



Small classes, excellent teachers

It’s always been a priority to make our sessions with as smaller groups as possible. Recently, 24ABC has adopted a new methodology called ‘’One to Three’’. The following includes only up to three students in group classes. ‘’One to One’’ classes include only one student per session. We believe in the quality of education we give. 24ABC has been offering unique and rewarding learning experiences to its students since the year 2014. Our excellent teachers and staff make us a one-of-a-kind school.


Quality inspected homestays

Have you ever felt stressed or inconvenient about your time and energy for extra classes? We know it requires a long time and nerves on the road. This is why we made it possible for you to join our sessions anytime in the day and anywhere from around the world. You can be having your dinner at home, being in your office, car or outside in the park. Just click on 24ABC!


Time and Money are Priorities

We know how hard it must be for you to choose between the big market of schools. Once you become a student in 24ABC, you become a member of our big Family where your time and money are our priority. We do everything to keep you satisfied with 100% of your time management.

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